Guest Parking Registration

All fields are required. False information could result in the towing of the vehicle.


The red visitor pass must be hanging on rear-view mirror and the vehicle parked in the designated visitor parking area. A vehicle without a CHG issued visitor pass risks being towed. The vehicle must be registered every time the visitor pass is in use.

Visitor parking passes are only valid within the designated visitor parking area. At Stadium View II & III (1311 & 1315 W. Lincoln Hwy), the spaces are located along the red fence in the northeast parking lot from the north side of the property to the dumpster. Visitor parking signs are posted on the fence designating the area. Guests of Stadium View I (1231 W. Lincoln Hwy) need to utilize the visitor spaces at Stadium View II and III. The pass is not valid outside of the visitor parking area. At College Park, the spaces along the curb in the south end of the parking lot at building 6 are the designated visitor parking spaces. Signs are posted.

See Visitor Parking Map

Residents have priority regarding parking. If the visitor parking area is full. Your guest must park elsewhere in DeKalb. The visitor pass is not valid outside of the visitor parking area.

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